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Antitrust Litigation 

Antitrust laws were passed by both Oklahoma and the federal government to maintain market competition and protect consumers. The laws prohibit:

  • (1) agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition in a business market;

  • (2) abusive practices, including predatory pricing, tying, and exclusive dealing arrangements, by companies that can dominate a market; and

  • (3) mergers or acquisitions of companies which would threaten competition in a market.

The goals of such laws include protecting consumers from higher prices caused by uncompetitive markets and protecting the ability of competitors to enter into the market and effectively compete. The financial stakes in such litigation are frequently high due to the fact that some antitrust violations provide for “trebling” the amount of monetary damages in the event a violation is proven at trial.


ELB lawyer Robert Edinger has a history of successfully representing clients in defending and prosecuting Antitrust Lawsuits both at the trial and appellate levels.  He secured a multi-million dollar antitrust verdict for his clients in an Oklahoma City federal lawsuit against a telecommunications company and then successfully defended that verdict through the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.  When a national insurance corporation sought to acquire an Oklahoma-based life insurance entity, the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner hired Robert to successfully defend its refusal to approve the merger on the grounds that it would substantially lessen competition and/or create a monopoly in the state medicare supplement and long-term care insurance markets.


ELB stands ready to protect your legal rights in this complex area of litigation with the expertise you will require to win the day at trial and, if necessary, on appeal.

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