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Environmental Litigation 

Environmental litigation impacts a cross-section of industries and requires a specialized knowledge of both federal and state environmental law. ELB lawyers Robert Edinger and Ken Blakley have represented clients in environmental and pollution disputes in federal and state court and before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for more than three decades. These lawsuits involved alleged spills and releases of pollutants to land, groundwater, surface water and air, from oil and gas wells and related disposal wells, product and saltwater pipelines, bulk oil storage tank-farms, refineries, underground storage tanks and manufacturing and paint facilities.  Ken is serving as lead counsel in several earthquake lawsuits involving property damage and personal injury from alleged disposal of saltwater from oil and gas operations; and Robert is serving as lead counsel in a case involving damage to property from spills of hazardous substances onto land and surface waters.  Robert and Ken also have extensive experience representing clients in regulatory proceedings before the OCC on issues concerning alleged pollution to municipal water supplies, remediation and corrective action plans, subsurface pollution from defective or compromised wellbores, and general pollution enforcement actions.


Environmental litigation involves scientifically intense issues requiring the retention of expert consultants and witnesses in several disciplines. These disciplines include soil science, hydrology, geology, engineering, toxicology and other related fields.  ELB lawyers have forged relationships with experts in the field and have a keen understanding of the role of experts in presenting your case in a manner to be understood by the judge and jury.  ELB’s team of environmental lawyers also includes Jacqueline Stone and Travis W. Brown, who bring diverse expertise in research, writing, contract and regulatory analysis, electronic discovery and other foundational elements necessary to advocate your case.  ELB lawyers combine their expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide clients with powerful representation in environmental or pollution lawsuits and regulatory proceedings ranging from small individual disputes to complex, multi-party cases.   

In addition to their trial and litigation experience, ELB lawyers have presented papers on environmental topics at numerous seminars and programs over several decades.  Ken also recently completed his tenure as an Adjunct Professor of Oil and Gas Environmental Law in the Master of Legal Studies Program with the University of Oklahoma College of Law.    


ELB knows the importance of the art of persuasion in the complex area of environmental litigation and stands ready to assist you in any matter or lawsuit, small or large, in which your rights or livelihood are being impacted by environmental laws or regulations.

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