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Oil, Gas & Energy Litigation 

The legal issues associated with the oil, gas and energy industries are often highly specialized and complex. ELB lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients in virtually all types of disputes that arise in the oil and gas industry. ELB lawyers, Robert Edinger and Ken Blakley, have over 60 years of combined trial and litigation experience involving oil and gas matters in federal and state courts. Our lawyers have participated in the evolution of oil and gas law over the last three decades and have an understanding of the legal ramifications arising from the agreements used and the relationships formed in the industry. Their experience extends to most legal challenges presented in the industry including the rights and obligations of parties under oil and gas leases, assignments, joint operating agreements, pooling and related regulatory orders, drilling contracts, midstream contracts, gas purchase and processing agreements, AMI agreements, acquisition and divesture agreements and other industry contracts. ELB’s team of oil and gas lawyers also includes Jacqueline Stone and Travis W. Brown, who bring diverse expertise in research, writing, contract analysis, electronic discovery and other foundational elements necessary to advocate your case. ELB’s expertise, when combined with modern legal technology, provides clients with effective representation in energy related proceedings ranging from small individual disputes to complex, multi-party cases involving demands for substantial monetary sums and other relief.     


ELB lawyers also engage in a wide-range of oil, gas and energy programs and activities outside the courtroom. Certain of our firm’s lawyers have been leaders in the national energy law organizations such as the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, the Texas-based Institute for Energy Law of CAIL, and the American Bar Association’s energy and environmental law section, as well as the Legal Committees for the now-merged Oklahoma-based OIPA-OKOGA industry trade associations and the Oklahoma City Mineral Lawyers’ Society.  Ken is a former Adjunct Professor of Oil and Gas Law with the University of Oklahoma and recently completed his tenure as an Adjunct Professor of Oil and Gas Environmental Law in the Master of Legal Studies Program with the University of Oklahoma College of Law. 


ELB knows oil, gas and energy law and stands ready to assist you in any matter or lawsuit, small or large, in which your rights or livelihood are being challenged.

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