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You expect bold solutions to your litigation challenges. 


We provide them.

Competent legal representation is crucial, but it is not enough. As a plaintiff or defendant, you need a firm that will expertly guide your case from initial investigation through final verdict; you need a litigation firm with the insight and skill to translate your complex facts and issues into a narrative that will persuade, convince and ultimately deliver the result you require. You need LLC. 

Every facet of our representation reflects our drive to persuade judges, juries and opposing parties of the merit of your position. LLC is known for meticulous research, forceful legal writing and methodical courtroom presentation. Each of those tools is employed with a focus on telling your story in a way that is powerful and, above all, persuasive. 

“Persuasion is clearly a sort of demonstration, since we are most fully persuaded when we consider a thing to have been demonstrated.” –  Aristotle

Persuasion is the art of encouraging a decision. Its ancient principles guide our practice today. To be persuasive your story must be believable, creditable, truthful and clear – it must capture what Socrates called the “ethos” of your argument. It must also be reasonable and sound – what Socrates called the “logos” of your argument. And to be its most persuasive, your story must transcend logic and tap its targets’ emotional core. By engaging the “pathos” of your argument, your story will shape and drive its intended results.  

Such powerful persuasion is the product of rigorous preparation, and our preparation begins with you.

All of us at LLC pledge first and foremost to listen to you. We pledge to devote the attention and resources necessary to understand your story and bring it to life – on the page and in the courtroom.

We encourage you to explore our website, examine our areas of practice and consider how our proven strategy meets your litigation needs. 

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